Scams in the Crypto Coin Space

If you are involved with crypto currency you are bound to be exposed to a scam or two at some point, much like the Nigerian scams that prey on fiat money.

I was looking at my twitter feed and noticed the Binance weekly report.


The interesting thing I noticed in the reply section was an apparent Ethereum give away.


Now if you are a cautious individual you will immediately notice that the “verified” mark is missing and the twitter handle is different, which should immediately set off alarms.
Unfortunately, most people don’t catch these tells. This Social Engineering attack also uses several fake accounts that remark about how awesome it was to receive 5 ether, which is about  $4,000  depending on the day.


You can easily surmise they are likely fake accounts based on creation date, number of followers, and tweets. For example look at two of the accounts below and notice the commonalities.




I didn’t see a way, to see the “Joined” date on mobile, but you can see the the users tweet volume. Just be careful out there and remember if it’s too good to be true, it probably is a scam. Thankfully, Binance made an announcement that warns their users about scams.


Thanks for reading.

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